Fluent in both languages at the same time

Stéphane Thibault >_

Rest assured, I have no intention to make a Bob Gratton out of myself, let alone a Justin Trudeau …

Effective management of multilingual websites, internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) have however been subjects of interest of mine for a very long time. But after many attempts each time more complex than the previous, I finally decided to give simplicity a shot for once.

Indeed, I took the decision to randomly publish in both languages according to either my mood of the moment or the target audience of the posted messages. It is an imperfect solution that irritates me deeply, but it is in keeping with my resolution for 2010 to try to keep my perfectionist nature in check, nature that prevented me so many times from moving forward.

In order to make some kind of sense of it all, I intend to categorize my posts according to the language they’re written in, allowing my french-impaired readers to follow the RSS feed containing only the messages in the language of their choice.

I’ve already added active links for the French and English feeds after the default RSS feed of this site and I’ll try to publish a more detailed page on this topic when I have some spare time — or to be perfectly honest, when I feel like it ! Moreover, I also added my Delicious and Identi.ca accounts’ RSS feeds on a trial basis, hoping that I won’t confuse too much my audience that’s a little less techno friendly. Your comments are of course welcome : )

Please note if you haven’t realized by now that English is actually my second language. Although proficient at a near native level, it’s sometimes harder for me to notice my spelling and grammar mistakes. Should you come across anything that has a strange ring to it, I’d really appreciate if you brought it to my attention.