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Stéphane Thibault >_

Filling out the application form to take part in the Day of Digital Humanities 2010, I had to answer two basic yet fundamental questions : 1) What is a typical day of work for you ? 2) How do you define Digital Humanities ? Since this is my first attempt at a definition of the Digital Humanities even though I’ve considered myself a digital humanist for quite some time now, I thought it might be of interest to post my answers on this blog for future reference.

What is a typical day of work for you ?

  • Reading / Answering emails ;
  • Reading RSS feeds, tagging relevant articles on Delicious ;
  • Commenting on my personal blog / microblog. Microblog posts are automatically sent from my WordPress blog to my account, then republished by Google Buzz ;
  • Downloading software updates for the day from ;
  • Reading books to prepare my lectures at UQAM University ;
  • Posting longer quotes on my website for my students ;
  • Work crosses over to personal time as I do open source web development and design as a hobbyist;
  • At the end of the day, Delicious posts my daily bookmarks on my blog through their web service.

How do you define Digital Humanities ?

Area studies focused on the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) to research and education in the fields of the Arts and Humanities, and on the development of computing tools to further that research.

Further reading : More definitions of the Digital Humanities from participants to the Day of DH

Stéphane Thibault >_

Lors de la conférence PHP Québec 2008, Zak Greant nous a proposé une présentation intitulée The Age of Literate Machines portant sur l’évolution des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC) depuis l’apparition de l’homme en passant par l’invention de l’écriture.

Alors que je suis en pleine planification de cours pour la seconde moitié de la session et que je me prépare au même moment à la semaine de conférence 2010, je n’ai pu m’empêcher de penser à cette présentation de Zak… et au travail accompli par mes étudiants lors de la semaine de lecture !

Stéphane Thibault >_