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Stéphane Thibault >_

So I finally gave in to Facebook this past week-end (I’ll explain why in another post) and for those of you who don’t understand French, a few of my comments may have seemed a little cryptic. To tell you the truth, some of them seemed cryptic even to my friends who do read French !

Basically, I entered a contest for the Best Summer Job in the World — or at least in Quebec — and I need the full power of my social network to win ! There’s about a week left for my campaign so here’s how you can help me get back on top.

The video

First, watch this video as many times as you can humanly tolerate it. It’s obviously in French (contest rules) but for a very rough machine translation, check out the Google translatation of my script.

The contest

Inspired by the Best Job in the World contest organised by Tourism Queensland (Australia) a little more than a year ago who offered a position as an Island Caretaker for the Great Barrier Reef, the city of Sorel-Tracy (Quebec, Canada) decided to do the same locally to promote tourism in the Pierre-De Saurel Regional County Municipality. The winner will get 40 000$ (CAD) for a two months contract to blog all summer long about events, activities and life in that region. The winner will also get cool multimedia gear, housing and a car for the summer, plus the full discography of Normand L’Amour, a quirky local singer which accounts for my crazy operation code names.

Contestants had to submit a one to two minutes video submission and I was apparently the first contestant to enter. I remained in the Top 3 for quite a while but I dropped a few spots and this is why I need your help.

In order to win, 40 % of your final score is based on the response of your social network to your video and how many views your clip gets. Your friends have to :

  • Vote for you once a day
  • Go viral with this link on Facecebook and Twitter :
    • Click here to share my video on Facebook
    • Click here to share my video on Twitter
      • You have to be logged into your account but it still works on and off. If it doesn’t work automatically here’s the text I’d like you to retweet : Pls RT Supportez @_sthibault pour la Meilleure job d’été 1 vote/jour + RT + #FB /cc @lameilleurejob
  • Click on “ Like ” everytime you see a link to my video
  • Watch my clip until the end as much as you can on YouTube and don’t forget to click on “ Like ” here too

Let’s keep up the good work everyone, we’re almost there ! And as an additional incentive for you to help me out, I will participate in Leucan’s Shaved Head Challenge, a local fundraiser for child cancer, as my way to thank all of you for your support.

I’ll try to update this post with answers to your FAQ throughout the week.