Links for 2010-10-18

Stéphane Thibault >_

  • You can now <embed> your Vanilla forum into any site in the world with just a single line of code.
  • LOL! "inadvertently", yeah right. When will you folks learn that Facebook's primary goal is to gather and sell data on you and your friends to other people. They will continue to do it in many ways, and then will say "oh, that was inadvertent" when they are caught. But mark my words, they are working on 100 new ways to do it, so that even if 20 are found out, they have 80 that have not been found out.
  • Alors que débute la semaine du Open Access, des chercheurs des quatre coins du globe appellent les universités à adopter une politique globale de libre accès aux articles scientifiques. Chaque année, quelque 2,5 millions d’articles scientifiques sont publiés dans près de 25 000 revues. De ce nombre, seuls 15 % sont offerts librement par leurs auteurs.