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Stéphane Thibault >_

When I first discovered that scholars were trying to figure out a proper name for this emerging field of research, my first reaction was : “ Wow, if a consensus still has to be achieved in English, how long will it take to reach one in French ? ”

After surfing around on the internet for interesting links on the Digital Humanities, I found out that our colleagues from France simply decided to go along with “  Digital Humanities ” even in French 1. Although I also found myself using it frequently in Quebec (Canada) in my casual conversations, I was still striving for a better translation.

That’s when I decided to adopt technohumanités as the French translation for Digital Humanities, coined after the term technopédagogie which is broadly used for IT in education.

I would especially love to hear from the French community on this issue. Am I the only one using a neologism or did I simply stumble across the proper translation by accident as it naturally made sense ? Should I, by any chance, have coined a proper translation that makes sense to the community, I believe that the Day of Digital Humanities could be a great place to start a new consensus.

Obviously, if I missed a key French article or author on this topic that already acts as a figure of authority, I would appreciate if you would kindly send me the reference.


Welger-Barboza, Corinne (2008). “ De retour d’Oulu ”, L’observatoire Critique, online, <>, published on 2008-07-12, first visited on 2008-07-18, last visited on 2010-03-18.


  1. “ Cette année, une communication s’est penchée sur les récits en germe de l’histoire des Digital Humanities […] ” (Welger-Barboza, 2008, 10th par.).